Thu, 14 Sep 2017

Datatag - Master Security marking scheme proves a huge success

A recent review of new motorcycle registrations during 2017 has concluded that bikes protected by the MASTER security marking scheme are far less likely to be subject to theft. In fact, 6 times less likely to be precise!

So How does the MASTER Security Scheme work?

The MASTER Security Scheme is applied to the motorcycle or scooter’s major component parts providing a unique 'fingerprint'. This is done by using a combination of visible and concealed elements including tamper evident warning labels, hidden microscopic Datadots, stealth UV etching and a number of unique radio frequency transponders which are embedded into parts.
It would be virtually impossible for a thief to remove all traces of the MASTER Scheme technologies from all parts, which is why this makes protected bikes far less attractive to them.

At Blade Motorrad, all of our brand new motorcycles are subject to the security marking scheme and many of our used bikes benefit from it too.